Are You Handicapped By And Looking To Learn How to Resolve Conflict  Within Your Company, Organization or Community?

Learn How To Resolve Conflict And Become A Stronger Negotiator Using the MINDFUL NEGOTIATIONS METHOD Developed By Joanne S. Nadell, Esq.

Are You Struggling To Develop Influential Relationships That Will Grow Your Business Through Personal Referrals?

Are You Ready to Streamline and Optimize the Business-Side of Your Business?


The KEY to Optimizing Your Business Relationships, Systems and Profits is the…

Business Relationship Edge!

Creating the most cohesive, aligned and cooperative work environment possible can be achieved by resolving conflict that exists within your organization. Building consensus and propelling growth begins with adopting the philosophy and methods of Mindful Negotiations(TM).

When you build long-term successful business relationships, you have a powerful strategic advantage over your competition. Yet, it takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build strong, lasting business relationships.

Business relationships are such an integral and necessary part of success, but most people don’t put in the work and therefore don’t benefit from the EDGE it provides in benefits. Truth is, they just don’t happen and develop without dedicated consistent work and excellent communication skills.  Selectivity, consistency and engagement are essential for finding great people and developing relationships with them.

Learning to Streamline, Optimize and Successfully Manage the Systems Which Run Your Company Will Reward You With Increased Productivity, Greater Profits and Restore Your Peace of Mind.

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How to Manage Conflict in Today’s Turbulent World

Develop Strategic & Authentic Relationships

Strong business relationships, which translate into growth and success for you and your business, always start with a chance meeting or introduction. Learning how to turn those chances into valued contacts, customers and colleagues is the next step. Business Relationship Edge teaches a system for managing, enhancing and keeping you and your business in the forefront of your market and industry decision makers.

Every Relationship is a Doorway to Opportunity

An essential skill of successful business people is the ability to transform their relationships into opportunities. Educating, nurturing and supporting your connections provides multiple paths to new business and again more connections.

When you are authentic about yourself, your core values and practices and you are an excellent communicator, colleague, employer, owner and influencer- you will have mastered the Business Relationship Edge.

Business Relationship Edge Will Help You & Your Company

  • Develop and Learn to Resolve Conflict by Mastering the Philosophy and Methods of Mindful Negotiations
  • By Providing In-House Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services to Reduce Workplace Conflict
  • Develop Influential Business Relationships That Will Grow Your Business Through Personal Referrals
  • Up-Level Your Business by Selecting the Right Partners
  • Learn to Streamline and Optimize the Business-Side of Your Business 
  • Have the Rewards of Increased Productivity, Greater Profits and Restoring Your Peace of Mind

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