5 Effective Communication Strategies for Success


Being a good communicator is essential to be successful in business today.  Good communications, however, involves more than just being able to speak eloquently.  It means being able to read others and evaluate situations in the moment.  Here are 5 essential strategies for being an effective communicator:

  1. Really Listen to What is Being Said. There is a huge difference between listening and hearing.  Listening means that you take the time to understand what the other person is saying – not just politely waiting for them to take a breath so you can make your next point.  Listening, truly listening and responding to others appropriately, will go a long way to building strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.
  2. Use the KISS Principle. Most people like short, concise messages.  IF you can use the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Sweet), you have a better chance of people understanding you and your message.  Focus on what’s most important when communicating with others.  You can fill in the rest later.
  3. Ask Questions. Asking questions does two things: (1) it allows you to qualify and better understand what the other person is saying, and (2) it makes the other person feel valued (and proves that you were listening to them).
  4. Notice What They Are Doing. The key to be a good communicator is to be able to interpret what is being said in context.  That context includes how it is being sad and the way they are saying it.  In fact, communication is only 7% verbal.  The other 93% is made up of body language (55%) and tonality (38%).
  5. Summarize and Repeat the Message. In order to ensure that you understood what the other person is saying, take a moment to summarize and repeat what you heard back to them.  This, again, shows that you were listening and will allow them to clarify their message to avoid confusion as to what was discussed and/or agreed to.

By following these 5 simple strategies, you’ll not only improve your communications skills you will also build stronger relationships with those around you.

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