Are You Grateful for Your To-Do List?

I was recently reading Chapter 2 of Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. Don’t you love that feeling when you read something, and it makes you stop, look up and think about it?

I have always been a tenacious list builder, but more in the line of scraps of paper at the bottom of my cluttered purse, notes written on the back of receipts or smudged sticky notes that have collected dust and dog hair.

In the past year I have been using my PC to write my “Brain Dump Sheet for Today” which I update most days. It’s broken down into Home, Law Office and Business Relationship Edge sections. It was a good start, but Tracy’s plan is better.

Brian Tracy’s description of the different lists you should maintain for different purposes is an enviable approach which commands discipline. He starts with a master list, a monthly list, a weekly and a daily list. Doing so and keeping the lists current keeps us organized and defines our plan of action.

Once I really started tracking my four part to-do list, I suffered from List Anxiety. How would I ever finish these lists?!? It’s impossible- but Brian Tracy helped me understand that none of us every really finishes and we should get that wishful idea out of our heads.

Be grateful you have a full list! It is proof that you are living your life, growing and not copping out.

Starting today I will approach my lists with gratitude which calms me down and helps me focus on the priority items. Scratch off one, add two. The process is a metaphor for our lives, we just must accept what comes and work for the best possible outcome- one thing at a time.

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