Are You Ready To Bloom?

Even as The Weather Channel threatens us with ONE MORE Nor’easter, this picture of the forsythia outside my door proudly confirms that spring is almost here. The brave yellow buds will survive a spring storm and one warm bright day will bring forth their cheerful yellow flowers.

While the cold, wind and darkness have held us hostage for months, this little tree was just waiting for its turn to bloom. Its nutrients sustained it, its roots held it up against the gale winds and the buds were tightly wrapped in protective leaves.

Makes me think of the behind the scenes work to create my budding consulting business –  Several months of training, writing, travel and investments have built the infrastructure of a new enterprise.

Are you sometimes a frazzled small business owner or know one? I teach three strategic systems that improve productivity, boost profits and restore peace of mind to small business owners.

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We are ready to bloom!

P.S. What steps did you take this winter to make your business bloom this year? Share your tips with me at

Thank you.

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