Are You Sometimes So Angry You Want To Spit? Go Ahead – It Will Do You Good!

In today’s society, expressing negative emotions – especially anger – is not encouraged.  We normally associate anger with aggressiveness…but the truth is that only about 10% of the time does anger result in aggressive behavior.

Most of the time, we tend to suppress our anger.  And while that may seem like a good idea at the time, it can actually make things worse down the road – not only in our relationships with others but also with our own well-being.  Consider that unexpressed anger often leads to:

  • Resentment and a breakdown in relationships
  • Stress on your body, which could surface as ulcers, high blood pressure, depression and more.
  • Professional instability – difficulty keeping a job or being passed over for promotions.

On the other hand, expressing your anger – in an appropriate way – can have far reaching positive effects:

  • Stronger relationships because you were able to talk it out and be understood.
  • Accomplishing more as you pursue how to correct what makes you angry (think Civil Rights Movement)
  • Increases your sense of control – you have given yourself permission to speak out.

So, go ahead.  If you get angry, do something positive with that anger.

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