As a Leader, How Do You Build A Winning Team?

We all want to succeed at work.  In most cases, work is a team sport so it’s important to understand what it takes to work together as a team. Supporting each other so in the end, the team shines. Here are 5 essential components of a highly successful team.

  1. Communicates Effectively. In any team situation, communication is key.  Each person has their job to do, yet without being able to convey key information to each other effectively, the group will fail.  Communication is not just about telling others what you are doing.  It’s also about having the freedom to say what needs to be said without fear of reprisal or judgment.  It’s about collaborating and being able to bounce ideas off each other to create something that is better than any individual can do on their own.
  2. Embraces Risk. We’ve all heard the saying “without risk there is no reward”.  Successful teams are willing to step out of their comfort zones to achieve the extraordinary.  Risk involves being able to express opinions, try new approaches and learn from mistakes.  Taking reasonable risks as a team also encourages camaraderie, which, in turn, strengthens the team itself.
  3. Solves Problems. Let’s face it.  There will always be problems to solve in the workplace.  Whether it’s resolving a customer issue, regrouping after a less-than-stellar product launch, or a conflict within the team itself, the ease with which a team comes together to resolve these difficulties speaks volumes to the strength of the team.  The measure of a team’s success is not always in how well they perform, but how well they overcome roadblocks.
  4. Understands Its Mission. Collectively, the team understands its mission and vision.  Each member of the team knows their role and is able to support other team members as they work to achieve not only team goals but also individual milestones.  They realize that if the team succeeds, everyone wins.
  5. Have Fun. Building a strong team is about developing a sense of belonging and family.  It means celebrating achievements with each other both at work and in our daily lives.  Teams that have built fun into their DNA tend to succeed more than those that are just focused on work.

How strong is your business team?  What can you do today to make it even more successful?

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