July 4th Fun Facts

Happy July 4th

Happy Independence Day!  As we spend time with friends and family celebrating our nation, I thought I would share just a few fun facts surrounding July 4th:

  • The Declaration of Independence wasn’t actually signed on July 4th. In fact, July 4th is only the date on the document. ... Read More

Five Tips to A Stress-Free Vacation

If you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, you know how difficult it is to pull yourself away from the office for any length of time, let alone for a vacation.  Here are five tips to help you plan that much-needed time away from the office:

  1. Choose a time when... Read More

Are You Surprised To Learn I Was An Early Feminist?

When I left the bucolic countryside of my high school years behind, I enrolled at Russell Sage College in urban Troy, New York which was, and until this year, a women’s college.During the late 70’s, I learned about and embraced “Feminism” which shaped my state of mind and body.I... Read More

My Family’s Soldier Boys

Every year Memorial Day touches my heart in a way few other holidays do. Both of my brothers served in the United States Military and after their service both returned home. My family and I will always be grateful... Read More

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