Are You As Brave As Christopher Columbus?

We all remember studying the adventures of Christopher Columbus and his famous Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria ships in which he set off to find The New World. I remember making paper boats and hats and clay peace pipes.While the trappings of a holiday, not to mention a day off from school, delighted me as a child, today... Read More

My Grandmother’s Purse

The other day I was given this broken dollar bill with scotch tape on it as change by a cashier. As is my usual custom, I crammed the money into my wallet and my mind and body headed on to the next chore on my list.

I wouldn’t have noticed this crumpled... Read More

The Brave Summer Cicada

The other day as Roxy and I took her evening constitution, I heard an odd loud clacking noise behind me. I turned around and about twenty feet away, I could see five little birds hopping and jumping with great excitement around what appeared to be a struggling insect.

The birds took turns pecking at it, but the large insect put... Read More

Are You Forgetting How To Write?

Remember in elementary school our little desks and those green placards spread across the front of the room above the blackboard with three lines and the alphabet in SCRIPT?

Can you picture that wood handle with the wire loops that held five pieces of chalk, so the teacher could draw the lines on the board?

How about the cramps you... Read More

How Often Do You Waste 17 Seconds?

Still working my way through Brian Tracy’s productivity essays in his fun book, Eat That Frog!* I felt a real connection with his proposition that multitasking is really an illusion.

How many tasks do you try to do at a given moment?

I have been guilty of being on the phone, typing an email,... Read More

Are You Grateful for Your To-Do List?

I was recently reading Chapter 2 of Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. Don’t you love that feeling when you read something, and it makes you stop, look up and think about it?I have always been a tenacious list builder, but more in the line of scraps of paper at the bottom of my cluttered purse, notes written on... Read More

Building a Wall Against Anxiety With Bricks of Kindness

Perhaps this is ego talking, but I suspect some of you may have noticed the absence of my voice for a bit. I must confess that I’ve been in a bit of a funk- alternating between feeling overwhelmed, saddened, discouraged, scared, anxious and downright furious at my perception of world and... Read More

Master Your Schedule, Master Your Time

After identifying blocks of available time in your schedule, the next step is to fill those blocks with tasks of varying urgency. Below is a summary of tips for effective scheduling provided by*

First, make a list of tasks you absolutely must do to do your job well. Depending on your position,... Read More

The Importance of Scheduling

Part One: The Importance of SchedulingThe importance and benefits of effective scheduling cannot be overestimated. The business site provides excellent tips on time management.Scheduling is the art of planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available.1Many clients have told me they struggle managing their day. I have several... Read More

Three Steps to Execution Excellence

I know that I spend an unreasonable amount of time daily making, editing and thinking about my Get-To-List of extremely important tasks. This can be overwhelming if I have 20 items of utmost importance to finish on any given day. Can you relate?

Today’s blog is the fourth in our RISE series and discusses the HARDEST part of any company... Read More

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