My Family’s Soldier Boys

Every year Memorial Day touches my heart in a way few other holidays do. Both of my brothers served in the United States Military and after their service both returned home. My family and I will always be grateful... Read More

Counting the Cost of Conflict

Cost of Conflict

We all know that conflict takes its toll on us mentally and physically.  Conflict makes communication difficult, starts consuming our thoughts and, in the workplace, is counterproductive – not only for those immediately involved but also for those surrounding us who have to deal with the fallout and aftermath. ... Read More

Spring’s Renewal Takes Many Forms

Maria Robinson wrote: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today to make a new ending.”

How true. In the beginning of my divorce I was consumed with how I had been wronged and emotionally abused. Unbidden flashes of memory crossed my mind leaving me saddened... Read More

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