Bring Some Summer Fun To Your Workplace

It’s summer, the weather is beautiful, and you and your coworkers are stuck in the office.  You find your mind drifting to summer barbeques, days at the beach – all while staring at that spreadsheet on your screen.  This scenario is starting to play out in offices across the country.  So, how do you keep your employees motivated while also providing a little fun to their summer?  Here are some suggestions:

Summer Charity Project  – There are lots of fundraisers and local charity events during the summer that need volunteers to help out.  Choose one that your entire team can support and give everyone time to participate during the workday.  You’ll be surprised at how much this will bolster morale while providing an opportunity to give back to the community.

Leave Early Friday Contest – Everyone wants to make a break for it early on Friday’s, so why not make a game out of it.  Whether it’s through a point system where they earn points during the week or a random drawing, give everyone the opportunity to “earn” a few hours off on Friday afternoon.

Office Picnic – Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors.  Take advantage of the great weather and have an office picnic one afternoon.  Whether it’s potluck or you cater it, a picnic will definitely bring a little sunshine into your office and build camaraderie among your employees.

Take Vacations – Obviously, most people take some time off in the summer for vacations.  However, according to a recent survey by Kimble Applications, 47% of Americans don’t take all of their vacations each year.  One of the top reasons is that they feel management doesn’t want them to take the time off.  Encourage your staff to take a break to relax and be with their families.

Field Trip – Here’s another way to build up your team:  plan a field trip. Whether it’s to a local baseball game, a round of miniature golf or a family day at the amusement park, take a day off from work and let them enjoy themselves on the company!

Ice Cream Social – Remember those dog days of summer when you would hear the ice cream truck blocks away and all the kids would go running to get that ice cream cone?  Why not bring a little bit of that summer fun into the office with an old fashioned ice cream social?  All you need is some ice cream and all the fixings and you are ready to go for a fun afternoon!

There are many other ways to lighten up office work during the summer months.  The point is to keep your employees engaged and something to look forward to instead of the four walls of their cubicles this summer.  So, how are you going to put a little fun in your office this summer?

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