Building a Wall Against Anxiety With Bricks of Kindness

Perhaps this is ego talking, but I suspect some of you may have noticed the absence of my voice for a bit. I must confess that I’ve been in a bit of a funk- alternating between feeling overwhelmed, saddened, discouraged, scared, anxious and downright furious at my perception of world and US affairs and the health of our planet.

The multiple daily bombardment of negative politics and news foisted upon my mind by the internet, TV and endless pings from my phone with dire updates was clearly doing a number on my head and assaulting my usual joie de vivre.

As a stopgap measure against the barrage, I am going to turn off the news, etc.

This will bring some relief, but more action is required to combat and insulate myself and others from this insidious malaise.
But, what can one person do to reverse this negativity? When the world “is going to hell in a hand basket” (quoting my father), is there a spark we can light?

Or is being in deep s%^# becoming the new normal?

Ask yourself, is there an action you can take or a lesson you can share, to push back the negative waves that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us?

Of course, there is!

The secret is to find a person, a cause or a group that you care enough about to give your time, energy, money to help them. Small causes and large benefit from even modest gifts and efforts to bring their mission forward.

On a more personal scale, just take the first step. Be of service to someone else. Bring a smile to someone’s face. Do random acts of kindness. Be a good neighbor. Help without expecting a thank you or a return favor. Give your food server or cashier a small, but genuine compliment. Make their day!

Although we may act alone, each act of good is a brick in the wall against the anger and fear that current events can evoke.

If you relate to my story and dread the news lately, I ask you to catch your breath, help someone out today and help me build that wall.

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