Counting the Cost of Conflict

Cost of Conflict

We all know that conflict takes its toll on us mentally and physically.  Conflict makes communication difficult, starts consuming our thoughts and, in the workplace, is counterproductive – not only for those immediately involved but also for those surrounding us who have to deal with the fallout and aftermath. ... Read More

Be Honest with Yourself

be honest with yourself

So far this week we’ve talked about living – or being true – to your core values and what you believe.  The next step is to take a close look at your life and circumstances and be honest with yourself about where you are right now.  This can... Read More

Building Your Relationship with YOU!

building your relationship with you

We as human beings are built to be in relationship with one another.  Whether it’s family, friends, business associates or the person we meet in the checkout line, we are all connected.  Those relationships are an important part of who we are, and play a key role... Read More

Peace on Earth…All Year Long

peace on earth

The holiday season brings reminders of all the Christmas carols that talk about “Peace on Earth” and “Good Will Toward Men”.  The question, though, is how we extend that sentiment to the entire year.  What can we do as individuals to bring about peace on earth rather than just... Read More

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