Identifying Your CORE Values

identifying your core values

According to, your core values are what define you as a person.  They are your fundamental beliefs, and they will dictate your behavior.  Yes, there are societal values that we all try to live by, but your core values are unique to you.  They are what make you tick, bring you joy, and give passion to your work.  When you are out of sync with your core values, you may feel like your world is upside down – you become restless and/or unhappy.

The key is to define those core values for yourself and live by them.  They will help guide you in your relationships, in business and in life.  Here are a couple of questions to think about to get you started:

  • What are your top three greatest accomplishments?
  • What are your top three greatest failures?
  • What are your top three greatest moments of efficiency and inefficiency?
  • What is the common thread(s) between all of these?
  • What advice would you give yourself based on those common threads?

That advice is the basis for defining your core values.  Remember, this is a process, so give it some time – and test them against your behavior each day.  If you need some examples of personal core values to get the juices flowing, check out this list of 50 Core Values.

So, what are YOUR core values?  Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook!

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