Spring’s Renewal Takes Many Forms

Maria Robinson wrote: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today to make a new ending.”

How true. In the beginning of my divorce I was consumed with how I had been wronged and emotionally abused. Unbidden flashes of memory crossed my mind leaving me saddened and depressed. Feeling sorry, and being sorry sapped my energy and usual zest for life. Some days I felt like I was walking through smog-  couldn’t see, couldn’t feel, lost my way.

It was several years after the case and extreme drama was over before I stopped looking back over my life and marriage. During that time, I twisted myself into knots trying to see what and where things went so damn wrong that I was on my own after more than 25 years of a partnership.

Then slowly, almost imperceptivity, I stopped looking back and turned to face a new day, a beginning and new way of life.

 I embraced a new home, neighborhood and friends. I joined a boat club and took sailing lessons that refreshed and cleansed my soul using sunshine and wind. I adopted a little dog who adores me and brings me so much happiness and laughter my heart bursts. I lavished my children with all the love and attention they richly deserve which was hard sometimes when I was burdened with so much of my own pain.

I don’t look back and ask God for a do-over anymore. Things are good. Love surrounds me.

That’s the best divorce ending I could ask for.

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