The Elements of RISE

Last week I attended a large forum featuring Ms. Sandra Yancey, the Founder and Principal of eWomen Network, the largest women’s business networking group in North America with over 500,000 members. This incredible association can be found at
Sandra spoke on the elements her company and its members focus on to RISE up and build million-dollar companies.

R stands for Risk. Launching any business and working toward growth involves many different risks. Will I have any customers? What if people don’t like me or my product? What if I lose money? What if I fall on my face?

Sandra’s advice to entrepreneurs and business owner’s is “…listen to that little clutch…” you get in your stomach when you are trying something new and uncertain. I am sure you know that tightness in your throat and chest when getting ready to take the next big step in growing your business.
Rather than being afraid and turning back to what is safe and familiar, force yourself to boldly embrace the challenge and the next level of difficulty or expense. It’s an old but true expression- no one gets ahead by playing it safe.

I have been having these clutches for the past six months as I build my business consulting programs. I have forced myself to acknowledge the discomfort then push through it with innovation and confidence with

What will you do this week that’s going to make you a little queasy? Pull out that big idea you have been toying with and make it happen. The discomfort you may feel will be worth it!

Next week I will talk about the second element which is INNOVATION.

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