The Second Element to RISE

Last week I shared with you the first element of Sandra Yancey’s, founder of ewomen network, RISE program. Today we are looking at the second element- INNOVATION.

Being able to evolve and innovate within your organization is key to your success. After a new company’s launch and growth phases, new ideas and people are needed to keep your product or programs fresh and interesting.

Invention and Innovation go hand in hand for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Creativity- thinking up a new idea or product and doing the hussle to bring it to market is exhilarating but also a tremendous effort and expense as well.

Taking an existing idea or product and making it better is easier that creating something brand new. Look around at your wares to discover and implement upgrades and refinements that will attract repeat or new business.

Innovation is mandatory to leverage your company’s growth and to survive in today’s changing business markets and our world. Video stores and Toys R Us are examples of retail services I could never imagine would become obsolete.

It might take years, but if you fail to be innovative, your company could have the same fate. Find your unique way to bring creativity, invention & innovation to your business to keep ahead of your competition.

Next week I will talk about the third element of RISE which is SALES MASTERY.

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