Three Steps to Execution Excellence

I know that I spend an unreasonable amount of time daily making, editing and thinking about my Get-To-List of extremely important tasks. This can be overwhelming if I have 20 items of utmost importance to finish on any given day. Can you relate?

Today’s blog is the fourth in our RISE series and discusses the HARDEST part of any company strategy for growth, improved culture, sales mastery, etc., etc.

EXECUTION! Steven Rosen, principal of, shares three steps that will help you and your company achieve “Executing with Excellence.”*

First step is to build an execution PLAN. Define, through a process of prioritization, the three most important strategies your company needs to do execute with excellence. For example, do your people need incentives, better products, more training or more back office support?

Second step requires LEADERSHIP. To complete the identified priorities, to execute the designed plan to excellence, you must follow the plan every day and your company’s leadership must understand and continually reinforce it.

Finally, and the most difficult step, is DISCIPLINE. Persistent, focused attention on the action steps of your plan is mandatory. Steven Rosen points out that less than 10% of companies sustain execution with excellence because of a lack of discipline.

I know I have trouble sustaining my focus and doing the hard work of execution. I am going to challenge myself to implement these three steps to hone my plans for execution and growth. Come with me and challenge yourself.


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