Who really is in charge of your company?

whos in charge of your business

As entrepreneurs, we start our businesses with big dreams of success and how we are going to help the world with our products and services.  We make decisions on a daily basis that move us toward that goal or dream.  Though, if you are like most of us, you probably wish that you would meet your goals faster.  Perhaps the problem is that, even though you own your business, you aren’t in control of what happens within your business.

It’s time to figure out who (or what) is actually in charge and, if there is a problem, determine how to fix it.  Here are a couple of different places to look to see who is in control:

  1. Your customers/clients:  I get it.  Our customers or clients are our bread and butter.   Without them our businesses wouldn’t exist.  However, if you are catering to every whim of your customers, they may actually be running your business (and you) into the ground.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:
    • Am I dropping everything I am working on to fulfill the needs of one (or more) customer(s)?
    • Are they asking for (or am I providing) no-charge “favors” that take me away from paying opportunities?
    • Is there an expectation that I will be available all the time, no matter what?
  2. Your employees:  Perhaps you’ve grown your business to the point where you’ve hired additional help.  Good for you!  Just be careful that those new employees don’t start taking advantage of you.  Here, too, are some things to keep in mind:
    • Are they doing the work you hired them to do, or making excuses about why they can’t complete a project?
    • Do they make decisions that harm your business or client relationships and promised “never to do it again” but seem to keep getting into similar situations?
    • Do they seem to be overriding your directions “for the good of the client”?
  3. Your family:  OK.  This is a sensitive topic, but needs to be addressed.  How our families view our business venture may have a huge impact on our success.  If your family is on board and supportive, great!  However, if your family isn’t supportive and places great demands on you and your time, it could harm your business significantly.  Only you can make this determination.

So, are you really in charge of your business?  Or do you have to have a talk with those who think they are in charge and need to make a change?  Change is difficult, but when it comes to your business, you should be in the driver’s seat! 

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