You Are Only As Good As Your Customer Service

My challenge to you:  Pretend every caller who reaches out to your company’s customer service is a member of your own family.

Intuitively we know that customer service and customer satisfaction is an important component to building a successful business.  There are articles galore that talk about the benefits of good customer service and how to provide it.  The most important thing to remember is that buying is as much an experience as it is a business transaction. I continue to be thrilled with Whole Foods because when asking about a particular product I can’t find the sales associate actually stops what they are doing and guides me to it. They don’t just stand there and give an ambivalent, “Uh, aisle 10?”

By contrast, my daughter just went through health insurance hell because she turned 26, left her father’s coverage, and although she did everything right and filed timely paperwork, her employer and their “new” insurance administrator couldn’t get their act together to provide my daughter with her vital life-sustaining medicine for a period of over three weeks despite dozens of calls and follow up calls to break the bureaucratic inertia and BS.

Customer service is an attitude more than a skill. Take a minute to see how things are working in your company. Make a few anonymous test inquiries and see what happens. Having one bad call can make a customer disgusted enough to stop all future transactions plus the 100 more shoppers your customer shares their bad experience with. Watch and listen to keep running smoothly.

What do you think?  Share how you are delighting your customers through excellent customer service!

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